We pride ourselves on producing high quality dentures using only the highest quality materials. We use many of the techniques developed and used in Dundee Dental hospital.  For example all our denture work including our NHS/Bronze dentures are injection moulded to provide you with the best fitting dentures without any occlusal errors which can occur using traditional flasking techniques.  We only use quality materials; many labs are now using cheap imported teeth to keep costs low but we only use quality teeth even on our NHS dentures.  We could not guarantee our denture work otherwise – the last thing we want is a patient returning to the surgery to complain of discoloured and worn teeth on a new denture.

All our partial denture models are surveyed and the undercuts are blocked out to makes sure all of our finished dentures fit with little or no adjustment to save you the client precious time and money.

We also specialise at no extra cost the replica denture technique or the Yemm Sturrock duplicate denture technique as it was originally known when it was developed at Dundee Dental Hospital.